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Beekeeping PoppendammeBeekeeping PoppendammeBeekeeping PoppendammeBeekeeping Poppendamme

In the middle of Walcheren, on one of those beautiful country roads, is the visitors center of Beekeeping Poppendamme.

Many thousands of visitors have been introduced to the fascinating world of the honeybee in recent years. Safely from behind the glass you can see all the bees at work: feeding the larvae, caring for the queen and communicating with each other by means of a mysterious bee dance. The visitor center also provides a lot of information about beekeeping and the application of bee products like pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly.

The visitor center is a great resting stop for cyclists and horse riders. We invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a honey wafer. On a large terrace, in the middle of an extraordinary botanical garden, you can enjoy the tranquility of an old garden restaurant.

Admission to the visitor center is free.

For information:

Imkerij Poppendamme
Poppendamseweg 3, Grijpskerke
tel. +31 118 616 966
web. Website