Natural Oostkapelle


Oostkapelle is an exuberant village with a lot of activities and markets. On the outdoor cafés in the main street of the village the ambience is always lively and enjoyable. You can also admire Oostkapelle top down. Just climb the stairs of the tower and enjoy the magnificent view of the scenic areas as well as the polders of Walcheren.


A family seaside resort with wide beaches, dunes and splendid scenic areas, like ‘The Manteling’ and the Dune- and Water collection area (Catchment) Oranjezon (‘Orange Sun’). The region inside the dunes and beaches of Walcheren is a splendid nature reserve area with picturesque small villages, farms, meadows, fields and winding polder roads. This region is also called ‘the garden of Walcheren’.



Oostkapelle is a family seaside resort par excellence. The super wide and clean beach at a distance of less than two kilometres is tourist attraction number one. The beach of Oostkapelle is very suitable for a varied day out. Of course you can delightfully enjoy yourself on the beach while sunbathing or taking a swim, but also if you have a more active attitude, you can get your money’s worth in this place. Surfing, riding horseback or flying kites are just a few examples of the possibilities you can make use of. The beach is distinguished with a ‘the Blue Flag’, which means that even children can safely go ahead enjoying the possibilities this place can offer them.



During the last years Oostkapelle expanded in a rather fast way. Between the ancient village and the dunes lies the new tourist village. In Oostkapelle are two holiday parks; a number of camping’s, several hotels and minicampings. There are also a lot of inhabitants who are letting (part of) their houses as holiday cottages.


When you’re looking for cosiness, you should go to the village main street. This main street is connecting Domburg with Serooskerke right across the village-centre. Among other things here you’ll find a snack bar, a bakery, several hotels and a couple of restaurants. At the end of the main village street, in the direction of Serooskerke lays the local Tourist Office with the bank next to it. Up the street is a two-wheeler shop, where you can rent bicycles. The sidewalk cafés are inviting you to enjoy a nice relaxation, meanwhile having something to eat or to drink. There is a relaxed atmosphere, which make people think (remind) of former times. There is also a large supermarket and a pub. The main thing is, that Oostkapelle combines all the beach fun with a cosy (homey) village-centre, where the tourist market is a very lively visited attraction during the summer months.


Domburg and Oostkapelle are separated from each other by the protected scenic (nature) area The Manteling. This area (having a surface of 200 hectares) is situated on the transition region between ‘salt and silt (salty)’and it consists of forests, dunes and beaches. In this region you’ll find several hiking routes, which have been created and constructed by the Dutch Forestry Commission. In the forest lies the Castle of Westhove and Terra Maris, the nature- and landscape museum of Zeeland. Next to the museum you can also rent bikes. There are also various historical country estates situated in the Manteling, like Westhove, Berkenbosch and Duinbeek. These most beautiful age-old outside places have been built during the VOC (United Eastern Indonesian Company) -time, commissioned by wealthy merchants from Middelburg.


Oostkapelle is a tourist sees side resort, which is definitely allowed to look forward to welcome many guests during the summer season. Just like Domburg and Zoutelande. Oostkapelle is a popular seaside resort in the province of Zeeland. Oostkapelle lies about 11 kilometres from the province capital Middelburg and about 14 kilometres from the seaport town Vlissingen.

Just hop on your bike and go to explore the beautiful seashore of Walcheren. Across good bicycle tracks you’re going to pass by the lighthouses of Westkapelle. In this small village there is an ancient church with a light on top of its tower and on the beach you’ll find a splendid little lighthouse.