Camping De Zandput

Camping De ZandputCamping De Zandput

The adventure begins as soon as you leave the motorway. From the family seaside resort Vrouwenpolder you’ll drive towards the dunes via beautiful dykes and country roads. Surrounded by dunes, in a former sandpit, lies our family campsite De Zandput. In former days, besides sand, drinking water ...

  • Distance to the beach: ±700 m.
  • Wi-Fi internet .
Vroondijk 9, Vrouwenpolder
tel. +31 118 597 210
web. Website
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Camp site De Pekelinge lies only 3 kilometres from the beach, just off the busy coastal strip. an active family camp site full of recreation opportunities. Do you prefer a quiet getaway in nature reserve De Mantelinge or the cultural attractions of Middelburg: Select your ideal holiday on the right ...

  • Distance to the beach: ±3,5 km.
  • Pets allowed after consultation.
  • Wi-Fi internet .
Camping de Pekelinge
Landmetersweg 1, Oostkapelle
tel. +31 118 582 820
web. Website
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Ons Buiten

Ons BuitenOns Buiten

Nous pensons que le plaisir est l’une des émotions les plus importantes. Raison pour laquelle nous avons pour objectif de fournir ce confort supplémentaire à Ons Buiten. Le site de camping est situé à proximité de la grande plage de Noordzeestrand, qui s’étend sur plusieurs kilomètres. ...

  • Distance to the beach: ±2,4 km.
  • Distance to the city centre: ±300 m.
  • Pets not allowed.
  • Wi-Fi internet .
Campingpark Ons Buiten
Aagtekerkseweg 2a, Oostkapelle
tel. +31 118 581 813
web. Website
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Enjoy freshly baked buns while your children tell you all about the recreation activities and their holiday hero Zwier. Where does he live? “At indoor playground ‘Zwierelantijn’ of course!” and off they go again to play, after you promised to take them to the covered swimming pool later. Of ...

  • Distance to the beach: ±2,0 km.
  • Pets allowed after consultation.
  • Wi-Fi internet .
Camping Westhove
Zuiverseweg 2, Aagtekerke
tel. +31 118 581 809
web. Website
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Camping In De Bongerd

Brouwerijstraat 13, Oostkapelle
tel. +31 118 581 510