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You are in the cozy Oostkapelle, where you will find several facilities such as shops, bicycle rental and conviviality. In addition, you are in the middle of the garden of Walcheren with its beautiful coastline and nature reserve of 22 kilometers where you can take wonderful walks and bike rides. There are several marked cycling and walking routes that lead you along the forest, the sea and the beach, towns and villages such as Vrouwenpolder, Domburg and Veere are easy to reach.Whatever you are looking for you will certainly find it here, peace, sea, beach and forest nearby! So don't wait too long to rent this beautiful 6-person holiday home in Oostkapelle and come and enjoy a wonderful holiday in Zeeland with your family or friends.Oostkapelle is a family seaside resort par excellence. Clean beaches, playground equipment and beach walkways across the entire width. From May to September, the rescue brigade and a first aid post are present on the beach.

6-Person Holiday Bungalow in Oostkapelle

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