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This holiday home is located in Oostkapelle near the beach, in a quiet, private spot. From Oostkapelle you can quickly reach Domburg, Middelburg and Westkapelle. The area gives you all the beauty that Zeeland has to offer, the beach and the sea, the cozy center with restaurants, shops and terraces and a beautiful nature reserve where you can enjoy cycling and walking. Whatever you are looking for you will certainly find it here, peace, sea, beach and forest nearby! So don't wait too long to rent this beautiful 6-person holiday home in Oostkapelle and come and enjoy a wonderful holiday in Zeeland with your family or friends.

Oostkapelle is located on the island of Walcheren. The village is located close to the coast of the North Sea and is best known as a tourist destination because of the beautiful beaches and dunes in the area. The village itself has a small but cozy core with a few shops, restaurants and cafes. There are also some places of interest, such as the Sint-Willibrord church and an old mill. In the summer, events are organized regularly, such as fairs and concerts.

Oostkapelle is also popular with nature lovers because of the nearby nature reserve Oranjezon, where you can take beautiful walks. In addition, various cycling routes have been mapped out in the area. In short, Oostkapelle is a beautiful destination for those who love the beach, nature and tranquility.

6-person holiday bungalow in Oostkapelle

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